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Almost new appliances at affordable prices.
Specializing in apartment and multifamily home markets. WE DELIVER!
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Featuring nationally low prices on
"LIKE NEW" Refrigerators, Ovens,
Microwave Ovens, Vent Hoods,
Electric Ranges, Dishwashers, and more,
from leading appliance brands like
GE, Whirlpool, and others.
Ask us, we may have what you want.

We deliver, quality appliances, microwave hoods, dishwashers, Garland, Texas, Dallas, Texas We have the best prices in town
plus quick delivery and quality service.
We work with large apartment complexes in
Dallas and Fortworth areas, and Denton
and Collins county apartments and
multi-family complexes.
GREat prices, look new appliances for apartments

You will not believe the quality
of our used, like new appliances.
We will save you hundreds of dollars on
large quantity purchases.

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dishwashers, microwaves with vent hood

3631 Cavalier Drive • Garland, Texas 75042 - 214-908-1608
1121 S. Jupiter • Garland, Texas 75042 - 214-908-1608
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